Twinr’s Inbuilt Analytics features an Orders graph that provides an at-a-glance view of the number of orders placed within your app. This numerical graph is a vital tool for monitoring sales activity and understanding customer purchasing patterns.

The Orders graph is a straightforward numerical representation that charts the number of orders over time, allowing you to:

  • See Total Orders: The graph displays the total number of orders for the current period at the top.

  • Assess Growth: Below the total, a percentage change shows the increase or decrease in order volume compared to the previous period.

  • Visualize Order Trends: The graphical trend line maps out the volume of orders, with peaks indicating high order days.

How to Analyze the Order Graph

  • Identify Patterns: Use the graph to spot ordering patterns, which can help in forecasting future stock needs.

  • Monitor Promotional Impact: Correlate spikes in the graph with marketing campaigns or promotional events to gauge their success.

  • Gauge Business Growth: The change in order volume can be a strong indicator of business health and customer engagement.

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