Account Delete

The ability for users to delete their accounts is a mandatory feature for iOS and Android that provides users with control over their data and privacy.

If you do not have ability to let the user delete their account(example, then you can use Twinr's extension.

How to Activate Account Delete?

1.) Go to Add-on -> Extension -> Account Delete and enable it.

2.) You can see the preview of the form on the right side.

Fill out below needed fields. The basic form is already created by Twinr. If you want to add more text fields, you can explore through Premium Plan. Form Submission Email: Enter the email address on which you want to get the notification of request to delete

Form Title: Title of the form

Form Fields:

  • Name: This is a text field where user can enter name

  • Email: This is an email field where user can enter email

  • Comment: This text area will let user enter the reason for requesting to delete account.

Button: Customize the submit button as below.

Success Message: You can set the success message on successful form submission.

If you are on a Premium Plan, you can add extra fields like below:

  1. Click on Add a field and add another Text area, Dropdown or Text field.

  2. Text area and Text field are text inputs. Dropdowns can be customized as below.

How to add account delete button in the app?

There are 2 ways to add delete button in native navigation bar.

1.) Go to Navigation Bar and add linker button. Add accountdelete:// in URL field as shown below.


2.) Go to Navigation Bar and add Custom button. Select "Execute Script" in Button Actions. Enter Script twinr_request_account_delete() as shown below.

Once you add either of the button, you can open the form on click of the button.

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