Multi Language

Twinr allows the app owners to enable the multi language for their apps very elegantly. Twinr has the most effective way to auto translate the app content.

How to setup Multi Language?

1.) Go to Add-ons --> Extensions --> Multi Language & enable it.

NOTE: Please create a new version of the App e.x. 1.0.2, if the current version does not support this feature. If the previous version is live on the stores, then request a new build and submit this new version to the stores.

2.) Select languages from the 163 different in the list.

NOTE: You can select upto 2 languages in Standard plan and upto 163 in Premium plan. You can test all languages in FREE Trial. *If you choose the Standard plan after trial expires, we will keep first 2 selected languages and remove the rest.*

3.) Select default language that you want to show. System language is your mobile phone's default language.

4.) Localized URL : If you have local URLs for different languages, then you can set it up here for all tabs. When user changes the language to for example Arabic, the app will be refreshed with the "/ar" URL that you gave in localized URL.

5.) Click on Save as a Draft.

How to test Multi-language feature?

Step: 1 Save the changes Step: 2 Click on publish to production from screens menu Step: 3 Take a build. Step: 4 For Android, install apk in phone and test it. For iOS, you can test in the testFlight once the new build is available.

NOTE : You can not test this feature in preview app.

Common Questions

Do I need to submit new version everytime I edit the translation?

Answer: No, just do the changes, save it and click on publish to production. Your LIVE app will have the changes right away.

Do I need to publish new version after enabling Multi Language feature?

Answer: No, enable/disable the feature, customize, save it and click on publish to production. Your LIVE app will have the changes right away.

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