Total Revenue - Current vs Previous Period

The Total Revenue graph is a comparative analytic tool in Twinr’s Inbuilt Analytics that visualizes your app’s revenue over two distinct periods. This comparison allows you to quickly assess financial growth and make strategic decisions based on revenue trends.


The Total Revenue graph juxtaposes your earnings from the current period against those from the previous period, presenting a side-by-side comparison to highlight growth or declines.

  • Revenue Summary: At the top, the graph provides a total revenue figure for the current period, along with a percentage indicating the increase or decrease compared to the previous period.

  • Graph Trend Lines: Two trend lines represent the revenue over timeβ€”one for the current period and one for the previous period. This dual-line format allows for direct visual comparison.

  • Tooltip Data: Hovering over any point on the trend lines reveals specific revenue figures for each corresponding day.

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