Cache Policy

What is Cache Policy?

By defining cache policy, you can determine how an application should handle caching of data on the forward and backward navigations.

Caching stores a copy of frequently accessed data/page locally on the device to improve performance and reduce the need to fetch the same data from a remote server repeatedly.

How to setup Cache Policy?

1.) Go to Add-ons -> Extensions -> Cache Policy.

NOTE: Please create a new version of the App e.x. 1.0.2, if the current version does not support this feature. If the previous version is live on the stores, then request a new build and submit this new version to the stores.

2.) Select from the 3 different strategies:

  • Default mode: No data/page will be cached in this strategy. If user will login to the app then it won’t store any session data.

  • No Cache Policy: Backward navigation will be cached but new page navigation will be always from the network.

  • Cache else Network: This strategy uses cached resources from both backward and new navigation when they are available and not expired, otherwise it will load resources from the network. Note: App cache expiration is based on your website's cache expiration time.

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