Custom Button

This button is used when you want to perform any action on the click of it.

Step: 1 Go to Any screen where you want to add the custom button. Then go to navigation bar and add the button on left or right side. You can add different custom buttons both the sides as well.

Step: 2 Fill out the needed info.

Button Action:

  • Execute Script: This action will inject your specified JS on the click of the button. JS can be for any purpose.

  • Web Page Element Click: This action will perform the same action as the webpage element. For example, you can mimic the search button action. When you click on the custom button, it will open the search bar as if you clicked on the search button! You can map native button to web page element click. Clicking on the native button will generate a click on the specified selector element.

Button Icon: Upload icon here or select from the list.

Script: For Execute Script action, write the JavaScript you want to run on the click of the button.

Element's identifier: This is the class or id of the element you want to do action on.

Step: 4 Preview the changes on Preview App.

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