Photo Library Permission

What is Photo Library Permission?

When your application needs access to the photo library to upload picture, you need to enable this permission. Your app will ask Photo Library Permission to users when requires. If user deny the permission, next time it will display and alert message to users to enable permission by going to settings.

How to setup Photo Library Permission?

NOTE: Permission is by default enabled with Twinr's default message. You should update as per your requirements.

1.) Message: This message will be displayed when first time permission will be asked. It is very important because users will be deciding to allow/deny permission based on your purpose in the message.

2.) Permission Rationale Message: This message will be displayed user has denied the permission but the permission is required to function the app. Once the permission is denied, we cannot ask it again. So, instead we can display this rationale message. This message will be displayed as an alert popup in the app with Settings and Cancel button. Settings button will bring users to the settings of your app from where they can enable the permission again.

How to test Photo Library Permission in Twinr Previewer App?

  • You can test this permission in the preview app but it won't display your permission message.

  • If you want to test permission with your message, you can request a build and test it.

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