Add New Configuration

You can add new configuration when you want to release a new version of the app. Usually, you don't need to release a new version because we allow you deliver app changes over the cloud. So, you need a new configuration in two scenarios.

  1. There are new features released by us and its not possible to use those features with the existing configuration.

  2. Our framework has some big changes and it requires every app to adapt it.

In the both the situation, it will ask you to create a new configuration. But, you can always create new configuration by yourself if you want. If for any reason you want to upload a new app version to the store, you need a new configuration.

You can add new configuration from the app version dropdown.

Creating a new configuration might restrict you to edit previous configuration. This happens if Twinr framework doesn't support older configurations anymore(It's very rare.).

Adding a new configuration will ask you to insert new version of your app.

As soon as you add a new configuration, all your data from the previous configuration will be carried over. Now, with the new configuration you can take advantage of the latest Twinr Builder features.

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