Set general tab screen information.

In this section, you can define general tab screen settings.

  • Title: Title will be displayed as tab title.

  • URL: This will be the first page you can see while you open this tab.

  • Unselected tab icon: Icon image of the tab as shown in the image.

    • You can use PNG, JPG or JPEG format image. This icon will be used as selected and unselected icon if you didn't provide Tab selected icon.

    • You can chose an icon from our default icons library.

  • Selected tab icon: This icon will be displayed for the active tab. Like in above image, Home tab is active tab right now and the rest are inactive.

Bottom tab badge:

This can be used to show the badge for cart, notification, wishlist etc. When the item is added in the cart, the badge counter will be updated automatically.

Tab Badge selector:

Here, you need to put the selector for the counter. Refer to this table for choosing element identifier.

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