Responsible URL

Responsible URL feature provides an option to handle redirection of different URLs from any tabs to a particular tab elegantly. You have an option to define expressions based on URL matching and redirect the user to that tab screen.

All the tabs has their own Responsible URLs. You must define it separately for all tabs if required.

Let's take an example.

Scenario : I have showcased some hot selling and new arrival products on Home screen. When I click on any of it, it should open it in Shop screen rather than Home screen.

Steps to add responsible URLs:

  • Go to the screen where you want to add the responsible URL. As an example here, I want to redirect all the products specific URLs to Shop page. So go to Shop screen.

  • Go to Responsible URLs

  • Click on +ADD button

  • In Expression to match, Enter the URL expression you want to match. As an example, my URL is Which means all the products are matching with the expression "product/"

  • In Match as, you can decide how you want to match the expression. As a substring, Prefix, Suffix or Equal. Here I want to redirect all the urls containing "products/" as a substring, to Shop screen.

  • Save it as a Draft and Test it.

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