Add Users to Your App Store Connect Team (Optional)

You'll want to do this if you want to add people to Internal Testflight testing or if you want to allow others to manage the marketing, publishing, or development of your app versions.

Before You Begin

  • Ensure you have created your Apple Developer account, have been approved, and setup payment

  • This is only necessary if you need to add additional Internal testers to your team. These should be people you are closely working with such as designers, marketers, developers, or co-founders.


1.) After logging into Apple App Store Connect, click on Users and Access.

2.) Anyone you wish to add to your team needs to have an Apple ID, but they do not need a separate Developer account. To add users, click on the blue People tab at the top of the Users and Access screen.

4.) Fill in the person's name (can be anything) and the email that they use with their Apple ID.

5.) Assign a role(s) to your new team member. You can click See Permissions to compare the different role types.

6.) Optionally, you can let them create reports and apps as well. This may be helpful if you run an app-making agency where people are working on different projects.

7.) Lastly, use the dropdown to select which existing apps of yours the team member can have access to. You can select as many as you need to. This is optional and if you chose Admin as the user role, they will have access to all apps by default.

8.) When you're finished, just click Invite in the lower right corner of the popup. The invitation is send and will expire after a couple of days. It's usually best to make your team aware of the invitation beforehand.

Learn More

  • Simply adding a user to your App Store Connect team does not also add them as a tester in TestFlight. You must also add them to TestFlight, which you can do by following this guide.

  • If the invitation expires, just click the resend button next to the persons name.

  • You can add up to 100 users as team members to your App Store Connect account.

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