Force App Update

Ask app users to update the app to the latest version forcefully so they can utilize new features of the app.

What is Force App Update?

This feature is to upgrade your app users to the latest version forcefully. This feature is a part of Twinr PowerSuite add-on. Using this feature, the client can make sure that the end users are on the latest version getting all the benefits of the updates.


  • You must have enabled Twinr PowerSuite plan for your app.

How to Activate Force App Update?

Prerequisite: You must be having active PowerSuite plan.

1.) If your app is created or live, please create new version to activate the support of this feature.

2.) Next is to activate the PowerSuite plan if you have not yet activated. Click on Buy Twinr PowerSuite. Select the application plan and the PowerSuite Plan. The PowerSuite plan is based on Monthly Active Users of your app.

How to Enable Force App Update?

As mentioned earlier, Force app update is Twinr PowerSuite Plan feature. It is an optional purchase and only needed if you want to use the features under the PowerSuite Plan.

1.) Enable the toggle and activate the force app update.

2.) Remember that the pop will be shown on current live version on the stores.

Go to your current active version of the app. For example, 1.0.0 is live on the stores. So go to 1.0.0

3.) Fill out the general information needed.

Minimum iOS Version: Select the version you want your users to update theirs apps on for iOS.

Minimum Android Version: Select the version you want your users to update theirs apps on for Android.

Title: Title of the update app popup.

Description: This can be description of what you have in the new version.

Update Button Title: This is the button name.

You can see how the popup will look like in the local preview on right side of Twinr builder.

Benefits of using Force App Update

  1. It ensures that your users are always using the latest version of your app.

  2. It keeps your app functioning smoothly and error-free.

  3. It prevents compatibility issues with newer versions of iOS and Android.

  4. It ensures that your app is up-to-date with the latest security updates.

Common Questions

Do I need to submit new version everytime I edit the Force App Update?

Answer: No, you just need to release new version for the first time when you enable the feature.

Do I need to publish new version after enabling Force App Update?

Answer: Yes

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