Install Plugin

  1. Open Twinr App on Shopify app store -> Twinr Shopify App

  2. Click on Install button and follow the process to install Twinr App in your Shopify store.

Login or Signup in Plugin

  1. Go to Twinr Plugin and Click on Get Started.

  1. If you already have your account on Twinr then just enter the same email and password to login. Otherwise just click on the Signup button to create your account first. After creating an account, come back here and login with your newly created account.

Connect Plugin

After successfully login to the plugin, now last step is to connect your application with plugin. Follow below mentioned steps to connect the app.

  1. Click on the Connect App button.

  1. It will ask you to enter App ID. Go to the Twinr Builder and click on your app. Go to Plugins menu -> Shopify. There is an option to copy the App Token. Copy that and paste it into your WordPress plugin.

Setup Firebase

This is an optional step but it is required to complete when you want to enabled Push Notification capabilities in your app. To complete this step follow 👇🏻 guide.

pageEnable Push Notification

Purchase Subscription

Apps connected with Shopify plugins requires to purchase subscription from Shopify Admin only. Follow this process to purchase a subscription.

  1. Open the Twinr app into your Shopify Admin and click on the Subscribe button.

  1. Select the plan you are planning to purchase and follow the process.

What's next?

After you have successfully connected the plugin, next step would be to continue customizing the app or start creating push campaigns using Engage feature.

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