Billing & Payments

Subscription is the next step to get live on AppStore and PlayStore.

When you are satisfied with the customization and you think your are ready to publish your applications on stores, click on Subscribe.

Here, you will see the list of applications you have created and subscription details.

  • App Name: Name of the application

  • Plan: Current active plan

  • Price: Current pricing for your application

  • Cycle: Billing cycle information

  • Next Billing Date: Next billing date as per your subscribed plan

Steps to subscribe

Monthly vs Yearly

  1. You can select Monthly if you decide to pay month by month. You can cancel the plan anytime. Charges are a little more because do not need to pay for a whole year.

  2. You can select Yearly, if you decide to pay charges upfront for whole year. You can cancel your plan before the next renewal date. You can save upto 24% in Basic plan and upto 13% in Standard plan.

Compare plans

Explore all plans and choose best suited for your business.

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