Setup iOS Signing Info

iOS bundle ID

It's a unique app identifier for iOS. It will be used when you upload ipa file to the AppStore.

Example : com.twinr.Ecommercely

Please refer this document to create new iOS bundle ID if you don't have one.

Next Steps:

1.) Go to and login to your account.

2.) Click on Users and Access option.

3.) Click on Keys tab. Make sure App Store Connect API is selected. Click on + button to create new key.

4.) Enter key name and select Developer option from Access dropdown. After generating a key, you will be able to download that key.

5.) Get Key ID, Issuer ID and .p8 Key file from there.

6.) Open App Build -> iOS -> Signing Info page and add that information.

7.) Go to your AppStore Connect profile from Top Right Corner and then click Edit Profile. You will be able to get Team ID from there. Update team ID on Twinr portal and you are good to go.

Apple ID

This is an automatically generated ID assigned to your app.

You can get it from the App Information section under AppStore.

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