Page Loader

What is Page Loader?

Page loaders are what you see on the mobile screen while the rest of the page’s content is still loading.

How to setup Page Loader?

1.) Go to Add-ons -> Extensions -> Page Loader & Enable it.

NOTE: Please create a new version of the App e.x. 1.0.2, if the current version does not support this feature. If the previous version is live on the stores, then request a new build and submit this new version to the stores.

2.) Select a loader color to match your brand color.

3.) Select a Background color and the transparency of the loading page.

4.) Save as a draft.

How to test Page loader in Twinr Previewer App?

Once you are done with the customization, open the app in previewer or refresh it from the floating hamburger button. You will be able to see the loader you have customized.

Benefits of using Page Loader

  1. Page loaders are one of the important user experience to let users know that the application is loading its content while they are looking at a tiny little geometry animated loader.

  2. As a common psychology, interesting animations can keep your users engaged while they’re waiting for the page to load.

  3. Twinr's speed performance is really competitive but it also depends on the user's internet speed and website speed. So in this kind of situations, it can be a very nice user experience if the right inspiration is there by providing a nice loader.

Common Questions

Do I need to submit new version everytime I edit the Page Loader?

Answer: No, just do the changes, save it and click on publish to production. Your LIVE app will have the changes right away.

Do I need to publish new version after enabling Page Loader?

Answer: No, enable/disable the loader, save it and click on publish to production. Your LIVE app will have the changes right away.

Can I change loader size in Basic plan?

Answer: No, the customization section is only doable in premium plan. But you can decide the color of loader in Basic and Standard plans.

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