Cart Button

This button lets you create a cart with badge natively in top navigation bar.

Very useful if you are selling something online. Cart button comes with a lot of customization. If you have the cart button on your website's header, then you can mimic it natively on Twinr.

Step: 1 Go to Any screen where you want to add the Cart button. Then go to navigation bar and add the button on left or right side. You can add different cart buttons both the sides as well. For example, you can add wishlist button as well with badge!

Step: 2 Fill the information needed.

Let's take a look at each fields of the form.

  • Button Icon: Here you need to upload button icon image. It's a required field.

  • URL: An URL where you wants to redirect to on click of the button.

  • Badge Action: You can decide how cart counter badge should get displayed. It has Right, Left, Center or Badge (top right corner).

  • Badge Color: Badge background color. In the image below you can see badge background color is red.

  • Counter Text Color: Color of the counter text. For example, in the below image it's white.

  • Cart counter selector: You can find cart counter selector by inspecting a cart button on your website.

Step: 3 Preview the changes on Preview App.

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