Abandoned Cart Push Notification

Setup Abandoned cart notification to reduce cart abandonments. Send notifications with custom title and description. Schedule multiple notifications to remind users multiple times about items in the


  • You must have enabled Firebase Push Notification support for your app.

How to setup Abandoned Cart Push Notification?

1.) Go to Add-ons --> Integrations --> Abandoned Cart Push Notification & Enable it.

NOTE: Please create a new version of the App e.x. 1.0.2, if the current version does not support this feature. If the previous version is live on the stores, then request a new build and submit this new version to the stores.

2.) Select Cart Identifier Type

You can select between two Types.

  • Selector: Use this type if your cart counter element has any class or id. As you can see in the image below, cart counter is between Span tag and it has class name. If your selector is a class then append . at the start and if id then append # at the start.

  • Script: Use this type if your cart counter element does not have any class or id. Script must return true if cart is not empty and false otherwise. For example, check below example script.

if(document.querySelector('.Header__CartDot.is-visible')) { 
} else { 

3.) Enter Cart Identifier. Based on the identifier type you selected, enter identifier value in this field. If its Selector then enter your selector else enter script.

4.) Enter Notification Title. Notification title will be used as a title when push notification will be sent. Check below image.

5.) Enter Notification Message. Notification message will be used as a message when push notification will be sent. Check below image.

6.) Enter Notification Schedule. Enter comma separated values in days for your notification schedule. For example, if you will enter 1,4,5 that means if your user have abandoned cart then they will receive a notification on 1st, 4th and 5th day.

7.) Enter Notification Click URL. User will be redirected to this URL when they will click on the notification.

Benefits of Sending Abandoned Cart Notifications

  1. Increased sales: Abandoned cart push notifications remind customers of items they left in their cart, increasing the likelihood that they will return to the website and complete their purchase.

  2. Customer retention: By sending abandoned cart push notifications, businesses can show that they value their customers and want to help them complete their purchase.

  3. Better targeting: Abandoned cart push notifications allow businesses to target specific customers who have shown interest in a product but have not yet made a purchase, increasing the chances of conversion.

  4. Personalization: Abandoned cart push notifications can be personalized with the customer's name, the item they left in their cart, and other relevant information to make them more effective.

  5. Cost-effective: Abandoned cart push notifications are a cost-effective way to increase sales as compared to other forms of marketing such as email marketing, PPC campaigns, and SMS marketing.

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