Event Triggered Campaigns

With Event Triggered Notifications, you can automate the process of sending personalized and timely messages to users based on specific events within your app. These events could range from order updates to stock changes.

You must have one of the Plugin connected with your app to create event-triggered campaigns.

Types of Events:

  • Order Created: Notify a user when their order is successfully placed.

  • Order Status Changed: Inform a user of changes in their order status, such as shipping or delivery.

  • Coupon Created: Send a notification when a new coupon is available.

  • Product Created: Alert users when new products are added to the store.

  • Product Restock: Let users know when an out-of-stock item is available again.

  • Product Low-Stock: Warn users when a product is almost out of stock.

  • Product Out-of-Stock: Notify users when a product is no longer available.

Order CreatedOrder Status ChangeProduct CreatedProduct Re-stockProduct Out-of-stockProduct Low StockCoupon Created

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