Order Created

Engage users effectively with β€œOrder Created” notifications by sending immediate confirmation messages when a user places an order through your app. This instant communication not only confirms the action but also enhances user trust and satisfaction.

Set Up "Order Created" Campaign

Follow these steps to create personalized and effective notifications for every new order:

Step 1: Select event

  1. Open your app.

  2. Go to the Engage dashboard.

  3. Click on '+ Create Campaign'.

  4. Enter the campaign name

  5. From the event dropdown, select β€œOrder Created”.

Step 2: Craft your push title and message

  1. In the Push Title, input a welcoming and confirming message. Click on the '+' to add dynamic values to personalize the title.

  2. For the Push Message, enter your message and click on the '+' to add dynamic values to personalize it.

Step 3: Select Platforms

You can choose both Android & iOS or both of them. If you will select Android then only or Android app users will receive notification and same for iOS as well. If you select both Android and iOS then all of your app users will receive the notification.

Step 4: Click Action

Define the click action: whether the notification should open the app, a specific tab within the app, or an external URL.

  • Open App -> This means it will only open the app.

  • Open Tab -> This means it will open the selected tab from the bottom bar. If you have 5 different tabs in the bottom then you can select any of them.

  • Open URL -> This means it will open the specified URL in the app.

Tips for Effective "Order Created" Notifications

  • Keep the language of your notifications clear and concise to ensure understanding.

  • Personalize whenever possible to build a connection with your users.

  • Confirm essential details to provide assurance and reduce customer service inquiries.

Sample Notification Templates

Sample Notification Templates

Title: Order Placed Successfully!

Message: Thank you, {{first_name}} {{last_name}}, for your purchase of ${{order_amount}}. Your items are on their way!

Title: Thanks, {{first_name}}! Order Confirmed. Message: We've received your order. Stay tuned for updates on your shipment!

Title: Order Confirmed, {{first_name}}! Message: Your confirmation for the order is in your inbox. We'll send a dispatch notice soon!

Title: Confirmation for {{first_name}}!

Message: Hi {{first_name}} {{last_name}}, we've received your order of ${{order_amount}}. Stay tuned for delivery details.

Title: Purchase Confirmed!

Message: Awesome, {{first_name}} {{last_name}}! We've confirmed your order. Watch for our shipping update.

Title: Hey {{first_name}}, Good News!

Message: Your order for ${{order_amount}} is all set. Thanks, {{first_name}} {{last_name}}, for shopping with us!

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