Auto Tracked Analytics

What is Auto Tracked Analytics?

When you setup the firebase analytics on Twinr, below events are automatically tracked by Twinr and you can see the graph under your firebase account.

How to Setup Auto Tracked Events?

1.) If the current version does not support this feature, please create new version.

2.) Enable the toggle and activate the firebase analytics.

3.) Here, you need to upload 2 files from firebase console. If you have firebase push notifications enabled, these files will be auto uploaded here. These are the same files that you uploaded while integrating push notification.

4.) Click Save as a draft. Everything else will be taken care by Twinr. All the auto analytics events mentioned above will start capturing events. You can see the analytics under firebase events section mentioned below in detail.

List of Auto Tracked Events by Twinr

Once you do setup shown above, Twinr will track below events automatically. And you can see the analytics under your firebase account.

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