Apply Custom JavaScript

Here, you need to provide the custom JavaScript code you would like to inject into your webpages when they are displayed through Twinr app. This feature allows you to conveniently add JavaScript Bridge commands here instead of modifying your website directly. Any JavaScript code added here will be injected into both iOS and Android apps. You can decide on which screen you want to inject it.

There are 3 types of script execution ways:

  1. Continuously: The script will be running continuosly

  2. At Document Start: The script will be applied when the webpage starts to load.

  3. At Document End: The script will be applied when the webpage is loaded fully.

You can do a whole lot of things using javascript. For example, gathering information like device info, modifying the appearance, or automating certain tasks. Please setup a meeting with us if you have any questions.

Watch video below to see how you to customize your web page by adding JavaScripts.

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