App Review

What is App Review?

Twinr provides a way through which App owners can prompt their App users to leave a feedback in the form of Reviews or Ratings. Those feedbacks directly appears on the PlayStore and AppStore listing.

How to setup App Review?

1.) Go to Add-ons --> Extensions --> App Review & enable it.

NOTE: Please create a new version of the App e.x. 1.0.2, if the current version does not support this feature. If the previous version is live on the stores, then request a new build and submit this new version to the stores.

2.) Provide App Review Schedule. The schedule starts from the day user installs the app. For example, if you want to prompt for the feedback on the 10th, 60th, 100th time user opens the app, then put 10, 60, 100 in the field.

3.) Click on Save as Draft

NOTE: As per the Apple and Google guidelines, you can prompt users for the review once in a month. So the gap between the schedules must be 30 days. If you put 1, 5, 10, 15, 35, 50, and for example user opens app everyday, then review will prompt on 1st and 35th day. The rest will be skipped.

App Review JS Bridge

App Review JS bridge is a customized way to ask for app review in your app.

For example, on certain events in your app you want to ask for a review ignoring the app open count, you can use below JS Function to ask for the review.

You can use this function anywhere in your website and in the app it will ask for review as soon as this function will be called. You can call this function on events such as order placed in e-commerce app, course complete in education app etc.

Also, you can add JS button in your navigation bar as well to always keep that button visible to users. Check this guide to learn more about adding JS button in navigation bar.

How to test App Review Feature in Twinr Previewer App?

  • You can test this feature for Twinr previewer app. You can also try to give reviews for the app. Please note that the reviews will go to Twinr Previewer app in the PlayStore.

  • Another way is to install APK in your android device and try to open the app and give the reviews. NOTE that once the app is LIVE, you can test as per your schedule given in "App Review Schedule" field.

Benefits of asking App Review for mobile app

  1. Increased number of installations: As per the general psychology, when people search for some app, they likely to download the app which has more reviews than other. It leads to a trust and geniality of the app.

  2. Improved user retention: If the user is very satisfied with your app, he will provide feedback and decide to keep the app for a longer period.

  3. Increase In-app revenue: The more installation you have, the more revenue you can generate with either in-app purchase or Advertisements.

  4. Boost AppStore & PlayStore visibility: The store's search algorithms works on different conditions. From which, one is number of ratings. The more ratings you have, the more visibility you get.

  5. Better conversion rate: If the user provides feedback, he is likely to purchase goods, or purchase subscription from the app. Which leads to a successful conversion!

Common Questions

Do I need to publish new version after enabling App Review?

Answer: No, just do the changes, save it and click on publish to production. Your LIVE app will have the changes right away.

Do I need to submit new version everytime I edit the review schedule?

Answer: No, just do the changes, save it and click on publish to production. Your LIVE app will have the changes right away.

What are the policy and recommendations of Google and Apple to ask for reviews?

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