App Customization

Which features are the most useful and unique?
  • Personalized Push Notification

  • Abandoned Cart Push Notification

  • Auto translation in multi-language feature

  • App Onboarding

  • In-App Purchase

  • App Review

And many more...

Why is customization important?

Customizing your app gives the user very nice native experience. You will see the look and feel like a native mobile app and not just browsing on a web browser. You can also have a lot of native features which are very useful and not from the website. Like no internet view, Push notification, app onboarding and many others.

Can I hire Twinr experts to customize my app?

Yes, please refer to on-demand services menu for app development help. Get your app customized in 72 business hours for $199/ONETIME.

Which features should I use to make sure my app is 100% approved on the stores?
  • Remove Elements

  • Custom Navigation bar and Tab bar

  • Push Notifications

  • Hamburger Menu and Buttons

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