Build APK & IPA

How to build apk and ipa?
Common things to check before taking build
  1. When you have an error, download the error file and try to read it. Even if you are not a developer, you might be able to understand the error. So give it a try.

  2. Make sure that if you have push notification enabled in Twinr, it must be enabled in your bundle identifier as well under AppStore account.

  3. Make sure you click on Publish to production before taking any build.

  4. Contact on live chat or via email if you could not understand it.

How much time it takes to complete a build?

For android, it takes around 5 mins. For iOS, it takes 15 mins for the build and then 15 mins to process that build to appear under your TestFlight account.

Do I need to take a new build everytime I do the changes?

No. if you need to change something in your app which is related to UI changes and not dependant on any third party platform, you can do the changes and click on publish to production. You LIVE users will have the changes immediately on the LIVE app. If you have changes like, enabling push notification or changing splash screen, you need to create a new version and publish again.

Build Error: The build with the version β€œ%” can’t be imported because a later version has been closed for new build submissions

Solution: Create a new version on AppStore. For example, if the current live version is 1.0.0, create new version 1.0.1 using "+" sign in AppStore. Also, create new version 1.0.1 on Twinr

Build Error: No matching client found for package name 'com.example'
Build Error: Authentication credentials are missing or invalid
Build Error: Couldn't find app 'com.example' on the account of '' on App Store Connect

Solution: Make sure you have created an app under your AppStore account using the same bundle id that you gave in Twinr. Create new app using "+" button. Make sure you have created bundle id for that app. Request a new build after finishing these steps.

Build Error: Couldn't find bundle identifier '%' for the user

Solution: Create a bundle identifier on AppStore using same name as you gave on Twinr. See video:

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